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Dry Needling

The use of a thin, non-medicated needle targeted at specific muscle trigger points to decrease pain and improve function by helping muscles relax, improve blood flow, and enhance recovery. Dry needling can be used with or without electrical stimulation to generate a gentle muscle contraction.


Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques used to improve range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, and improve blood flow, or decrease swelling to certain areas to decrease pain and improve overall joint and muscle function. This is a safe, effective treatment for several conditions including back pain, neck pain, and sports injuries.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

 A specific manual therapy technique that involves the use of instruments or tools, sometimes referred to as scraping, to improve soft tissue restrictions and decrease pain. This type of manual therapy helps improve blood flow to the area and can improve range of motion and mobility.

Exercise Prescription

 Individualized strengthening and mobility exercises that match your fitness goals to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. Exercise prescription usually follows the manual therapy techniques to maximize your recovery and keep you moving at your best. As a fitness forward clinician, I believe that continuing to move through your injury and recovery is what will maximize your results. For example: knee pain with squatting? I will find an alternative exercise to heavy squatting to continue to build strength and resiliency during your recovery. These accessory exercises will be prescribed as work to do on your own, outside of your treatment session, as well. 


Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Specialized manual therapy techniques targeted at different joints to decrease pain and improve mobility of that region. Mobilizations and manipulations are beneficial for patients suffering from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, and even jaw pain. 


Women’s Health

Combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education to help decrease pain and improve function related to pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy/postpartum, hip pain, and low back pain.

Movement Analysis

Treadmill gait analysis and lifting technique analysis to help improve your form and prevent injury. If you are having pain with running or squatting, the best way to find out why, is to watch you perform that movement! This way, I can analyize the underlying issues that are causing your pain and performance limitations and work to correct them. 

Conditions Treated

Low Back Pain


Neck and Headache Pain


Temporomandibular (Jaw)

Dysfunction (TMD)


Shoulder Pain


Elbow, Wrist, Hand Pain


Hip Pain


Knee Pain


Foot and Ankle Pain


Athletic Injury 


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pain


Pregnancy and Post-partum Care

Hannah S. 

"Fantastic experience! Jordan is so knowledgable and knows what I need every time!" 
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