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Initial Evaluations

(1 hour evaluation and treatment)


60 Minute

Treatment Sessions


30 Minute 
Treatment Sessions
Treatment Packages 

4 pack: $600 ($150/visit)
8 pack: $1,160 ($145/visit)
12 pack: $1,680 ($140/visit)

Free 15 minute consultation


Motion Activated Physical Therapy

Motion Activated Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service practice. This means we do not bill your insurance.  If requested, you will be provided with a Superbill that you can then submit to your insurance for any available out-of-network benefits.  Motion Activated Physical Therapy is happy to assist you in navigating this process if needed.  Motion Activated Physical Therapy believes in quality, patient-centered care.  This includes being transparent about the cost of service. By choosing us, you are choosing to invest in yourself and your future.

Cancellation/No-show policy

Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours before your scheduled appointment time by calling, texting or emailing Motion Activated Physical Therapy. Cancellations made less then 12 hours before an appointment will be subject to a $75 charge. No-shows will result in the patient beingcharged for the full visit amount.


It is the patient's responsibility to know when the appointment is, to check with the clinic to confirm if needed, and to arrive on time. 


Note that if late cancellations or late arrivals to scheduled appointments become a chronic occurrence, we reserve the right to cancel upcoming appointments and offer them to patients who are committed more clearly to physical therapy.  Special cancellation circumstances will be considered. 

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