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Physical Therapy FAQs

Physical therapy can be unknown territory to most. Here's some common questions that I get asked that you may be wondering about as well!

1. Do I need a doctor's referral?

Nope! In the state of Nebraska, you do not need a doctor's referral for physical therapy.

If you have one, great! Bring it!

2. What should I wear?

Something comfortable. And preferably tennis shoes. We'll be doing a lot of moving

and examination and I'll need access to different regions depending on your injury. And

based on how you're feeling, we're probably going out in the gym to move!

3. What does my first visit look like?

It's an hour long visit that is one on one with a doctor a physical therapy. There will be

examination and treatment. The first part of the visit is spending time getting to know

you and what's going on and then diving in to the root cause of your pain. The second

half is treating it! My hope is to have you feeling better and moving better when you

leave that first day!

4. Do you take my insurance?

Yes and no. You can submit to your insurance for reimbursement but I do not submit

claims on your behalf. I can help you with questions along the way though!

5. When is a good time to get started?

Yesterday. But really, don't let that nagging pain go on for a month or more and turn in

to something worse. Let's get on top of it when it shows up to get your feeling better,


6. Still not sure?

Come in for a FREE 15 minute consultation and let's chat!

7. Interested but not close to the clinic?

I offer Telehealth appointments!

Call or text 402-431-2026 or email for more information or with any other questions!

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